Elly's Pastry

In 2022, our small patisserie opened in NYC in collaboration with Tazue Inc. Our head chef, Elly, was born and raised in Japan. Elly has over 20 years of experience as pasty chef working in both Tokyo and New York. 

Taste the goodness of our pastry.

I knew the purpose of my baking from reading the title of a single cookbook. In Japanese, the book was titled "Sozai Yori Sozai Rashiku", meaning something like "More Ingredient Than Ingredient"These words are difficult to translate into English but to me they mean something similar to the concept of "Less Is More". Essentially allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves, using delicate techniques to bring out the best in them. Whenever I've felt unsure or uninspired when developing new cake recipes, these words guide me back to my original intentions. What do I want to express? What do I want to communicate?  With these words in mind I can come to understand. To me these are magic words. No matter where you come from, I hope to make a cake you can enjoy. 

To us these are magic words.

Green Tea From Japan

We offer a collection of single origin green teas sourced from historical growing regions of Japan. In addition to well known regions such as Kyoto and Shizuoka, we hope to introduce you to excellent whole leaf teas and matcha varieties from lesser-known provinces like Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

In this way we hope to raise awareness around the richness and diversity of Japanese tea. 

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